I accept commissions! If you wish to use my existing music in a non-commercial project, feel free as long as you credit me in the video description or any analagous location. For commercial projects, please contact me.

I'm not currently accepting live bookings.

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Hi! I'm Ætheria (real name Telyn ZF Roat). My goals in life are to make music and to support myself by doing so, in order to do so more! I really friggin' love music. Besides being a touring musician, my dream job would be working on soundtracks. I managed to get the opportunity to do so in June 2013, and am on the Machine of Death party game's timer music album! My tracks are GUNNED DOWN RUNNING AWAY and PREDICTION ANXIETY. If you have a soundtrack you'd like me to work on, shoot me an email and I'll let you know if I can!

I make mostly bassy electronic stuff. I try to experiment as much as possible, and in the course of my music production have made tracks using a radiator, a wall, and even made all the instruments in one track from a single sample of a creaking gate. Currently my main musical inspirations are The Knife, 65daysofstatic, dubstep, drum'n'bass, and film and video game soundtracks.

To date, I have released 3 albums and 3 EPs. An EP in 2012, an album and two EPs in 2013, and two albums with an EP sechuled for a November release this year.

I make all my music in a flat in York. My speakers are Alesis 520USBs and my keyboard an Alesis QX61. I also have a thoroughly beaten-up Fender Squier guitar, two acoustics, a Casio DG-20, a Behringer FCB1010, a Shure PG48 and a Korg Monotron and contact mic. I do all my production on a laptop. It's a pretty budget setup, probably costed about £1200 in all without the laptop. When I dream of being rich and famous (or at least comparatively rich), I dream of owning a celtic harp, a hurdy-gurdy, and a violin. I also currently have eyes (and Ebay saved searches) on about 8 synthesizers. ...One day.

Software-wise, I use Ableton Live and Propellerheads Reason, plus a lot of VSTs. Antress' Modern audio effects are great, DaHornet is one of my favourite synths, dBlue's Glitch is a complex but brilliant glitch effects unit. There're a couple of others I use a lot but I can't remember them right now.

Some other things I've done in my life include FridgePoetry (a magnetic-words website), What the Fuck Should I Put on my CV and What the Fuck Should I Torrent.